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Architectural design is both fun and challenging thing. Not only it requires a unique idea and overall vision but also being fluent in any 3D modelling software is essential. The variety of different softwares doesn’t make it easy to pick up the right one. Among the 3D world, however, SketchUp seems to compound all the neccesary features. User-friendly interface, versatility and intelligible structure perfectly fills in the gap between hi-tech and simplicity.

The above has been confirmed in the Chaos Group’s study which shows SketchUp plus V-Ray make a perfect combination placing them on the 1st place as the most popular softwares used in the creative industry (see the results here). Constant development and improvement process contribute to the rise of its acclaim even within professional designers.

Most popular software applications according to Chaos Group Report.

Despite that, working on a visualization in SketchUp may still turn out to be a struggle. Highly realistic visualisations require eqaully high level of 3D models. Lack of professional resources desgined especially for SketchUp is what keeps the wall alive.

“We have an endless supply of premade models compatibile with SketchUp to help you speed it.” – that’s what 3D Warehouse says. The site we all use indeed has a wide range of resources but its amateur spirit, no supervisory over the models and hardly any advanced materials for V-Ray rather slow things down instead of speeding them up.

One of 3DWarehouse pouffes and our Flou pouffe. I bet you see the difference.

Apart from 3D Warehouse, hundreds of high quality and advanced supplies are also available on other platforms, but once again, they don’t meet SketchUp requirements. If we were 3Ds Max, Cinema or Blender users, we wouldn’t be worrying now.

As SketchUp users and designers ourselves, we’ve been facing the same problems in our projects for quite a few years. No site available on the market fully supports SketchUp, so we’re always ending up with an additional amount of work to do. Browsing the Internet and hoping to find proper resources takes time. Then we always have to remake imperfect models on our own. And guess what? It takes even more time. Transmutr, recently released plugin for SketchUp makes our work a little less demanding, but doesn’t solve the problem either.

We love SketchUp and its community. We don’t want anything to stop you from reaching your full potential. That’s why we started ModelUp.

Make sure to browse our 3D resources! To benefit the best of it, click here and get to know how to use our assets.