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ModelUp provides high quality, ready to use 3D models. We support the SketchUp community so you can boost your workflow. Read this simple guide to unlock your superpowers!

1. Will it work for me?

All the 3D models available on our website comes in different SketchUp extensions. To make sure that no SketchUp user will be left behind, you can freely choose between SketchUp files from 2016 up to current version.

2. What’s inside?

Our models are zip-compressed as they contain textures and high-resolution maps crucial for photorealistic visualisations. All materials provided are V-Ray advanced. We used V-Ray Next version in the process of making. No other files are attached. Download any model from ModelUp to experience its quality.

3. Unzip the quality.

To use the downloaded files you have to unzip them in selected destination on your computer. Every model was created entirely on Microsoft Windows system but Mac OS X users can also fully benefit from this. You can unzip the files with some of the most common unzipping freewares – WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip or almost any other freeware. If you prefer MAC, you’ll be fine with iZip, The Unarchiver or just OS X’s built in unzipping tool.

4. Importing is important.

To bring the downloaded model into your scene, click File, choose Import and then find your model in .skp format. Remember to always import your resources that way. It assures that files’ map paths will be kept and SketchUp will label your model as a Component. Moreover, all resources from ModelUp comes in 1:1 scale just to get this problem off your head.

5. Don’t stray from the path.

Even if you have imported the desired model according to the point 3, it’s always a good habit to double check whether the maps refer to proper locations on your computer. In case you encounter some issues, use V-Ray’s File Path Editor Tool. Simply click Menu / Extensions / V-Ray / File Path Editor.

6. <drum roll>

That’s it! <applause> You have successfully imported our model into your scene. You can begin working on your next big project. This is where the real fun starts.

Anything else you would like to know about our assets? Just We’ll answer your questions in no time. Oh, did we mention you can become an expert in 3D design with our newsletter? Consider subscribing, we put tons of fun things there.